First one important message to all visitors!
Due to lack of time to manage the English page I only update my
Swedish page.from now on.
My aim is of coarse to sort out this page too, but my mainly
customer is from Sweden thou.
I hope you accept my apolygies and I wish you wellcome to the
Swedish page instead.
There is also a possability to meet me and VRM on facebook
if you like.
Just write "Roffe Heljefors" and you will find me.
Please, if you wish to ask anything,just ask and I will answer as
soon as possible.
Now back on track agin:=)

My name is Rolf, but in Sweden I have a nickname "Roffe".
Other forreign friends from Holland and Germany use to call me
"Hägar the Horrible"
Like my ansestors I bring meyhem wherever I go..(LoL)
It is by the way,one of my favourite cartoons as well:=)
So when you read or hear my name I´m the same guy I promise..*Smile*

I live a bit south of Uppsala,fourth biggest city in Sweden,
and the cradle of Mean Bastads Vikings since then..
The City is located 65 Km north of Stockholm.

Motor racing and whats revolving around it, is my hobby and a part of my living.
To meet new friends, customers,traders and doing business
is a great joy to me.
It is also a nice way to meet new and intresting way of living too...

I am in to small capacity two stroke roadracing mostly nowadays.
Like the Swedish and Nordic Champinship Classic racing series.
but also racing abroad like in England France Holland and Germany.

Over the years I have gathered a great deal of experience,
that I with a warm hand will share vith you. That means that part and products I offer to you is gadjets I know will work or use myself. I can offer you a broad spectrum of services like spareparts, tuning parts and taylormade exhaustpipes. I also do all kind of twostroke motortuning, maintenance and twostroke service in general. I will update this page when I have new parts or other things to show.

You can reach me on telephone on weekdays between 8.00 am - 5.00 pm, or via Internet 24-hour service. And I promise to answer your mail as soon as posible. Don´t hestitate to call me, I speak english with an nice twang they told me..!!

For more information search in menue frame.

Kind regards,